I work with the best brands and teams, from start to finish. I believe
in building long-term relationships with my investors by making
changes to our product when necessary instead of forcing them into
rigid models.

BidOnHomes USA

Designed a brand-new platform. This SaaS app is a one-stop shop for real estate agents.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Branding . SaaS App

AJElite Homes USA

Created marketing content for real estate agents, from static images to video and animation for 200+ real estate agesnts.

Advertisement . Animation . SMM


User experience and interaction design for 50+ projects for various different industries like finance & tech

Ui/Ux . Websites . Advertisement


Designed various landing pages, websites, emails, advertisments for wellness, CBD & e-commerce stores.

Ui/Ux . Advertisement

Ooliv Germany

User experience and interaction design for 30+ projects for various different industries like automobile, tech etc.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Branding & Identity

Barefoot Media Australia

Partnered for delivering the best user experiences. Diverse clientele projects & overcoming challenges in eAccessibility.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Branding & Identity

Comiida USA

Created a mobile application that allows users to order food online from local restaurants at the best possible rates.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Branding . SMM

Show Some Love India

Structured & designed app for people looking to make new friends and date. Included gift shop inside smartly.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Mobile App

Alucor Dubai

Designed an effective management system, with a separate mobile app to manage people, finances and other resources.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . SaaS App

Saavi Australia

Designed a mobile & web application that allows businesses to plan and schedule order food online from local vendors.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Branding . SaaS App

Netsolutions India

Managed a team of 5 designers here as a senior designer to deliver websites, landing pages, and advertising stuff.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Advertisement

Zoom Errands USA

Revamped their existing mobile app professionally based on Ui/Ux Audit report to perform optimally.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Mobile App

Greenskin Media Australia

Designed thier Branding & Identity, website and served various of their clients. End result have been great success.

Ui/Ux . Branding & Identity

Casalogic Denmark

I redesigned thier logo, Branding & Identity, website to reflect their personality.

Ui/Ux . Branding & Identity

Exotic Voyages USA

Designed a web and ticketing portal for a luxury travel company. After winning 99 designs worldwide's design competition, I was hired to build their online presences—helping grow their business exponentially.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Ticketing Portal

Medellin USA

I helped design the branding & website for this business. After winning the design competition on 99designs that allowed me to build their online presences, I helped them grow exponentially in online recognition.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Branding

Cold Blooded USA

Design Consultant for Marketplace App. Involved in research & designing the interface, as well introducing good practices including RWD layout, Design system and Color Font decisions.

Strategy . Ui/Ux Audit . Consultant

Webtragics Australia

Designed various landing pages, websites, for various local business, government projects on large scale.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Partner

FlyOAdvisor USA

I provided branding and website design for an online enquiry platform. I worked with the client to create a brand that reflected their high level of customer service, professionalism and reliability.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Branding

Envato Author

I have been working on various projects for envato marketplace, which include web and mobile apps. The purpose of the work was to visualise my knowledge and also to gain online recognistion for myself.

Strategy . Ui/Ux . Templates

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