Work Experience

Working with Surinder is fantastic - He know exactly how to execute my ideas and make them look good in the same way. I hope to develop many more projects with Surinder.

C. Knedel CEO of Well Control

Surinder is a great designer to work with. He's creative and works quickly on designs. I'm always happy to keep give him work.

Carlos Arias ThreeSeven Media

I am very fortunate to have found Surinder. If you are looking for someone to design a website for your business, then relaxand look no further. Surinder is a creative, fast, and efficient web designer. He delivers all work on time and his passion for designing websites clearly shows in his work.

Sandip Singh (CEO) Netbluez

Surinder worked on our e-book and did a really great job for us. He was incredibly patient when we were not able to reply as quickly as we would've liked, was consistently speedy in his delivery and produced a final result that my client loves! We're really pleased with the result and would not hesitate to recommend Surinder and his work to anyone.

Emma Cartwright (London, GB)

I have worked with countless designers over the past decade, and I always struggled to find the right person. Surinder has always provided me with professional and clean looking designs that definitely stand out and demand attention. If you want the job done right the first time, Surinder is the guy you are looking for!

Parveen Thakur (CEO) Envyus Media Pvt. Ltd.

Team Osum, thanks for your outstanding, creative and on time delivery of awesome Screen designs and Info-graphics. It is really hard to find reliable partners these days but with Osum we found a long-term support-partner.

Uli S. CEO of German Design Agency

It's been very enjoyable and productive working with Surinder. He has been very supportive throughout with constant project updates and clarifications. Despite changes to the project requirements, he was able to produce a mutually acceptable solution. Being clear on what he can deliver and what he cant is one of Surinder's strengths. Would certainly recommend his services to anyone looking for design work with a modern twist.

Kian Yang (Singapore, SG)

Surinder and the team at Osum do truly amazing work. Throughout the almost two years that I have worked with them, on everything from basic business cards, to drip emails, to a custom website built from scratch, and everything in between, they have truly helped me build an inspiring, stylistic, attention-getting identity for our company. You won’t be disappointed.

Sheila Raper National Marketing Director Estates Company USA

I've never had a challenge finding designers who are talented. I have, however, found it challenging to find someone who has both a great attitude and who I can trust fully. Not only is Surinder a very talented designer, but I trust him to do what he says he will do when he says he'll do it. He's an absolute joy to work with.

Avin Kline (Cofounder & CEO) Web Success Agency

The best compliment I can ever receive is a kind word from my customers.

But actually, they are more "investors" than "customers", since they invest in and benefit from my services. See more about what they have to say about me.

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